About Us

Evergreen Limes Pty Ltd was established in 2021 by Greg and Vanessa Sobczak, with Nick and Kiandra Glass also forming part of the small business. Located in Welcome Creek, approximately 20mins from Bundaberg QLD, and on the way to the gorgeous Moore Park Beach (best beach in Bundaberg), our lime farm consists of over 700 Tahitian Lime trees with room to expand.


We pride ourselves on our high quality Tahitian limes and immaculate manicuring of the property. We ensure that each and every box of limes that is packed for our agents and distributors is weighed and packed to perfection so as to provide only the very best to customers throughout Australia. 

So who are we and what do we do?


Greg is a Diesel Fitter by trade, who worked in the underground mines in Blackwater QLD, before losing his legs in an accident which almost cost him his life. Since then, Greg has worked in various roles as a business owner and also as a very talented handy man. Greg's strong work ethic, courage and strength to not give up when the going gets tough is inspiring, and he always achieves anything that he puts his mind to. Having experience with gardens and lime trees in the past, Greg is aware of what our beautiful trees require in order to be kept well maintained and looked after. He helps to maintain the lime farm, picks and packs and organises the distribution of our limes. He always finds a way to get the job done. 


Greg's wife, Vanessa, works full time in a well renowned local Real Estate. With over 25 years experience in the industry as both a Sales Administrator and also as a Property Manager, she has extensive knowledge of business requirements and ensures that everything is operating and is completed as it should be in accordance with industry standards and legislation. When she is not working full time, Vanessa is helping pick, pack and distribute limes. She is not afraid to learn how to drive various machinery and she also loves to spend time with her family, loves cooking, walking along the beach and loves to have a good laugh. 

Kiandra Glass is Greg and Vanessa's only child, who usually works full time in a well renowned local sugar industry business, but is currently on maternity leave. Kiandra's experience consists of working in the legal industry for just over 5 years in both Bundaberg and Brisbane, before taking on a different role as a Finance Officer. Kiandra takes care of the social media and website aspect of the business along with the paperwork and keeping things in check, whilst also growing her own small business, Belle Femme Products Australia, with the help of Vanessa, making soaps, candles, diffusers, and bath and body products. This small and local business has been and continues to be at many markets throughout the region. Be sure to follow them on social media to purchase your desired products! 

Nick Glass, Kiandra's husband, is a 7th generation sugarcane farmer who has grown up working his family's farms in Moore Park Beach. His passion for farming and his work ethic is something to admire, as he is old school at heart and does not stop until the job is done. Nick's extensive agricultural knowledge is amazing for someone his age. He helps with the maintenance of the lime farm including the watering and spraying of the trees, picking and packing of the limes and helping to maintain the farm equipment. A jack of all trades, Nick has happily taken on his new responsibility of Farm Manager here at Evergreen Limes and is always looking to improve and better his crops (drought or not) to ensure that they reach their full potential.